4 Breeds Of Chickens For Small Yards

Chickens are one farm animal that you can easily raise on a smaller homestead. Even if your backyard is barely the size of a postage stamp, you can keep a chicken or two for eggs. However, there are some chicken breeds that are better suited to small yards than others. Here are four such chicken breeds to consider. Silkie Bantams If you are looking for a truly beautiful chicken, the silkie bantam is a good breed to consider.

What Tests Should Be Conducted for Well Water?

If you have a private well on your property, it's up to you to get the water tested regularly and ensure its safety before you use it for drinking or bathing. You should definitely have the water tested if it seems off-color or tastes foul, but it's also good to have it tested at least annually to ensure that nothing has contaminated the water. When scheduling tests for your water, you may be given a list of options, and it may be up to you to determine exactly what a water testing lab will look for, so note the following choices and why they're so important.

Two Ways to Get "Free" Water

Whether you've got a personal DIY ethos, a deep commitment to the environment, or just want to save some money on your bills, looking into unconventional ways of obtaining some of your water can be a worthwhile exercise. Here's a quick look at two effective ways of becoming more "water independent". Rainwater Tank When it comes to getting a bit of extra water "off-grid", nothing comes close, in terms of simplicity, to the good old fashioned rainwater tank or reservoir.

Weekend manuvores with a zero turn mower.

Landscapers, greenkeepers and gardeners alike all enjoy the many benefits of a zero turn lawn mower.  It makes mowing faster, neater and more efficient.  The brilliant manoeuvrability of these mowers means the tightest of spaces and sharpest of turns can be easily mown.  It was designed to be able to closely zip around garden beds, trees and other obstacles, making the chore of lawn mowing faster and easier. How? These mowers can pivot through 180 degrees without leaving any uncut grass.

How to choose what your dog eats

Having a healthy dog takes more than dumping food and water into a bowl every day. Dogs are faithful companions that deserve thoughtful care, including playtime together with you, regular exercise and daily nutrition. Even a seemingly happy pet is not necessarily experiencing its best health. Your responsibility as its owner is not only to feed it, but to ensure the nutritional value of what it eats. With proper attention to your canine friend's diet, you can prevent health problems and promote a longer life span.