Innovative Ideas to Use Almonds

Nuts are a great snack choice, being rich in fibre, protein and healthy fats, and almonds are no exception. They are versatile and can be used in various forms, from milk to flour or as a topping in various dishes. But what are the potential benefits of these nuts? Packed with antioxidants, fibre and beneficial fats, almonds can promote cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and aid in managing blood sugar levels. Here are some innovative ideas to use almonds in your diet.

Why Is the Australian Almond Sector Growing?

Australian almonds are sold all over the world. With such a healthy domestic as well as international market, it is understandable why so many Australian farmers have shifted to almond production in recent years. The crop more than doubled in size in Australia in the last few years. Much of the almond-growing industry in Australia is centred in the south of the country but smaller and smaller growers are experimenting with the crop in other states, too, these days.

The Benefits of Using Agricultural Lime

This article explains the different ways agricultural lime can be used when farming. Agricultural lime has many uses, ranging from soil conditioning and the neutralisation of acid soils for crops to killing parasites or retarding weed growth in grassland. Read on to find out more. Kill weeds In grassland, agricultural lime can be used as a soil conditioner to kill off weed seeds and improve the ground's fertility for pastures or growing root crops, such as turnips.

4 Breeds Of Chickens For Small Yards

Chickens are one farm animal that you can easily raise on a smaller homestead. Even if your backyard is barely the size of a postage stamp, you can keep a chicken or two for eggs. However, there are some chicken breeds that are better suited to small yards than others. Here are four such chicken breeds to consider. Silkie Bantams If you are looking for a truly beautiful chicken, the silkie bantam is a good breed to consider.

What Tests Should Be Conducted for Well Water?

If you have a private well on your property, it's up to you to get the water tested regularly and ensure its safety before you use it for drinking or bathing. You should definitely have the water tested if it seems off-color or tastes foul, but it's also good to have it tested at least annually to ensure that nothing has contaminated the water. When scheduling tests for your water, you may be given a list of options, and it may be up to you to determine exactly what a water testing lab will look for, so note the following choices and why they're so important.